Once upon a time of mine I looked up to you, so divine
I held on every word you said, and you knew everything in my head
You looked into my sad eyes, told me everything would be fine

And I believed that we could be anything that we want to be
But I never thought that we might be running out of time

Then somehow things seemed to change, and you and I went separate ways
You turned your back and I turned mine, never knowing at the time
How did it get to be so hard, who knew that love could tear apart

Seems that all we’re trying to find is just a little peace of mind
Why is it always hard to find, ‘cause we’re running out of time

Now we’re here once again, it’s getting closer to the end
I turn to you, you’re almost gone, you said that you knew all along
I look into your sad eyes, tell you everything will be fine

I still believe that we can be anything that we want to be
Doesn’t matter much to me that we’re running out of time
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